Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Robbies medpor ear for the most part had been looking pretty good for the last couple weeks. On Sunday when he woke I noticed it was swollen. There was also a red bump on the top of the medpor and the ear canal had a milky looking substance filling it. I took some pictures and again emailed Dr Reinisch to let him know what was going on. Dr. Reinisch called me on Monday afternoon and said it looks like a bug bite which he sees alot of in the summer. He called in some antibiotics and it is looking better since he has been taking the medicine. Everyday at bath time the medpor drains a puss or a clear liquid from the same spot but it continues to be less each night.
Today we went to the ENT to get the canal checked. I was completely shocked by how much stuff they pulled out of the canal. The ENT said there is definatly an infection in the canal and to keep doing the drops and medicine as instructed by Reinisch. There was a part of the canal where he said the skin graph was elevated. There has been some concern of a possible medpor exposure but I guess its a wait game to see how everything goes with the medicines. I just hope everything heals up and we can keep our stage 2 for August. Please keep us in your prayers.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stress, Stress, and MORE STRESS!!!

So the last week has been a pretty stressful one to say the least. Robert had apparently bumped or scraped his medpor ear sometime last week which made it ooze a orange/white slimy substance. During bath time I gently pushed around it trying to get everything out and took pictures and sent Dr. Reinisch an email.
Friday was his 4 year old shots, and his brothers physical and shots for junior high. Robert had a low grade fever and both him and his brother had to get four shots each. Not a fun time at the doctors.
After talking to Dr. Reinisch on Saturday morning Roberts ear was looking much better and had no more drainage. By Sunday it had a nice shape to it and looked the best I had ever seen it. I wish had taken some pictures Sunday afternoon because last night Robert bonked his medpor ear on the cupboard in the kitchen and split the top open. He was in there less than a second and Tom and I feel awful and were in total disbelief and shock. Of course we sent Dr. Reinisch more pictures and put some Vaseline on it to keep it shut and hope it clots up and didn't cause any damage. AUGHHHHHHHHH! Things have to get better sometime right?
We have scheduled Roberts stage 2 in the beginning of August. We are hoping to head down south prior and give our family a well deserved trip to Disneyland!!!!!

I am attaching photos of Roberts ear when it had the drainage, the back of the left ear now and after he split it. Not trying to be graphic, this is for other parents that go through this can see.