Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fractured Implant

Well we made it to post op 10 months at least!!!!

I have felt what was like a crack in the rim of the ear weeks ago but didn't want to over think it or create something out of what I was hoping was just me being over paranoid. Last night when Robbie kissed me good night I looked at him and my radar went straight to his ear. Something looked different, there was a dent in the side. I ran my finger around it and sure enough I can feel the crack and where the implant has shifted so the top part over hangs. I immediately freaked out and cried of course and was in total disbelief.

I get a call from school about once every few weeks that a kid bumps his ear or Robbie bumped his ear but I never worried because these implant were to be pretty durable, RIGHT???? I cant pinpoint or tell you when, how, or where my little guy did this. How come these low odds of stuff happening don't happen in Vegas???? This will be implant #4!!

Dr R calls it a helical rim fracture and says its not an urgency to replace but to do so in next several months because the fracture end can cause a hole from the inside with time. We have decided since we are on the last membrane that this is urgent and are trying to makes plans to book as fast as we can. Plus we cant bear to go through an exposure again. Please keep my little guy in your thoughts and ill post as I get more news.