Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Robbie had his fracture repair surgery on June 7th again in LA. Everything went well and he recovered and bounced back really fast. Things have been going really good and we are hoping for the best with this implant and continue to move forward.
Robbie goes to the ENT for his first cleaning since the surgery and a hearing test. Keeping our fingers crossed that his hearing is the same or better.
On another note Robbie told me yesterday "Guess what mom, one of my friends has a friend and he doesnt like me because my ear is different." I turned and asked him how does it make him feel. He replyed "I dont care."
YES!!! I must say that I felt much better hearing him say that. I told him good for you and of course ended the convo with its there loss Robbie. He said yep. LOL gosh I love him so much.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oops I Did it Again!

Ok, title was pretty funny to me but this news is not. Robbie has a fractured implant again. I was pretty sure back in the month of November it happened by the change in the implant and the over hang. I chose to ignore this due to the fact he had the hole in his ear drum and was soon to have surgery with Dr Roberson to repair. The surgery on the hole was successful and appears to have worked.
 Hearing of other medpor fractures I emailed Dr Reinisch and it was confirmed broke once again. We are set for surgery #7 in June. This again is devastating news to our family but we will pull together, move on and support Robbie with love and positive vibes.

On another note, Robbie is a STAR!! He enjoys showing off by dancing. Music is one of his many passions. Enjoy link below to his solo performance in talent show March 2012!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Down to the CEI

Mosquito bite didnt do any damage and as a precaution Dr Reinisch had me call the local dr to get him on an antibiotic. By the time Tom and I ran it up to the campsite last Tuesday night it all ready looked much better.
We had our appointment with Dr Roberson yesterday about the hole in the bottom ear drum. He used a paper technique to fix it where he cuts some of the hole and puts medicine and a piece of cigarette paper over the hole. He says 80% of the time that works and it heals. If not he will do a tissue replacement over it and its not as bad as I thought which was a whole revision. He didnt know how it happened and doubts anything was stuck in the ear because its around the corner in the bottom which would be tough to get to. Staying positive and will see local ENT at end of August to see if it worked.

Hole in Ear Drum and Another Mosquito Bite 7/11/11

Yesterday Robbie got stung by a mosquito above right ear and right on membrane behind. Its red and swollen of course but the ear is fine THANK GOD. All kids are leaving for there annual week camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa today and Robbie happened to have his first canal cleaning since his implant replacement surgery in March. Took him in and the doctor said its not that bad just a little wax do you want me to clean it and I said well yea since we are here. As soon as he looked into the ear he said he has an infection. Then came worse news as he pulled away the wax. He has a hole in his lower ear drum. I think my mouth hit the floor at that point. He thinks he has had it for a while because it looks like it is trying to heal. So strict orders to not get it wet and definatly NO lake swimming and drops 3 x daily for a couple weeks.
I barely made it out the door before the tears started and Robbie looking at me like im nutts saying whats wrong is it broke? No Robbie I said you have a hole in your ear drum. He looked confused and said is that bad. LOL I love him so much!!!! Got home and called CEI and asked for guidance on Dr Robersons assistants answering machine. I also emailed Dr Reinisch about it and pics of mosquito bites. Assistant got back to me within a hour and told me its ok just dont get wet and there is three things that can happen. It can heal on its own, Dr Roberson can do a 30 second procedure of putting a paper over it, or of course the bad word revision. Because we are around 6 hours North of Palo Alto its worth going there when the kids get home and will be doing such next Wednesday. They will also be doing a hearing test while we are down there to see if its effected his hearing.
Really there is nothing left to say :(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

Robbie is healing very nice and all is pretty much back to normal (almost). We notice a thicker area around the spot of the fracture and informed Dr R but dont think its anything bad. Since we went south under circumstances that were out of control a few weeks ago we decided to grab the whole family for spring break and head back down south to aunt Chrissy and uncle Joes house for some fun R and R.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Got home at 6:30am this morning and was surprised with snow. Doctors appointment yesterday went well and I think we were only there for 15 minutes. Dr R took out the tube and a couple stitches and basically since I am a pro at this now sent us on our way. I am to send pictures in a couple weeks unless I notice something wrong. Robbie told Dr R he likes him a lot and was so happy when we left to leave the tube behind. Attached are pictures of Sunday and Monday after his appointment. Swelling continues to look better daily.