Thursday, June 18, 2009

Culture that ENT took ended up being a yeast infection in the canal. We picked up our new drops and are hoping for the best and that this clears up.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today Robbie has an ENT appointment so they can take a culture of his canal. After his cleaning Tuesday the ENT said there is still an area on the outer canal that looks like a pocket where the skin graphs over lap. He says that seems to be the problem area. I am hoping the culture can figure out what exactly it is and what antibiotic can cure it. He has had 10 ENT appointments since his March surgery because his canal infection clogs up fast.
Other than that Robbie started preschool Monday and loves it. His medpor is looking pretty good and has not swelled back up. There is a spot on it that is growing blonde hair but other than that so far so good. Behind his left ear where the skin graph was taken STILL has not healed. I am hoping that this is something Dr Reinisch will address and can fix if its still a problem in August when he has the stage 2. I will post when I get the results back from the ENT.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cute Pics

Much Better

Robbies ear is looking much better after being on the antibiotics and ear drops for over a week now. His canal does not have any of that white stuff anymore and the medpor ear is not swollen and continues to look better each day. Robbie had his canal cleaned again yesterday so we can use the drops and it had much less stuff in it then last week. The ENT said its looking much better and we will see how it does after he is off all the medicine.
These pictures are a couple I sent to Reinisch on Sunday. The one with his head tilted a bit is a good angle to see how much the skin has shrunk and pulled. When I talked to Reinisch on the phone we did discuss ROberts stage 2 a bit and he said it will be a pretty easy surgery and he would take the skin of course from the tummy this time because of how much the scalp skin shrunk.