Thursday, July 21, 2011

Down to the CEI

Mosquito bite didnt do any damage and as a precaution Dr Reinisch had me call the local dr to get him on an antibiotic. By the time Tom and I ran it up to the campsite last Tuesday night it all ready looked much better.
We had our appointment with Dr Roberson yesterday about the hole in the bottom ear drum. He used a paper technique to fix it where he cuts some of the hole and puts medicine and a piece of cigarette paper over the hole. He says 80% of the time that works and it heals. If not he will do a tissue replacement over it and its not as bad as I thought which was a whole revision. He didnt know how it happened and doubts anything was stuck in the ear because its around the corner in the bottom which would be tough to get to. Staying positive and will see local ENT at end of August to see if it worked.

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