Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Robbie had his fracture repair surgery on June 7th again in LA. Everything went well and he recovered and bounced back really fast. Things have been going really good and we are hoping for the best with this implant and continue to move forward.
Robbie goes to the ENT for his first cleaning since the surgery and a hearing test. Keeping our fingers crossed that his hearing is the same or better.
On another note Robbie told me yesterday "Guess what mom, one of my friends has a friend and he doesnt like me because my ear is different." I turned and asked him how does it make him feel. He replyed "I dont care."
YES!!! I must say that I felt much better hearing him say that. I told him good for you and of course ended the convo with its there loss Robbie. He said yep. LOL gosh I love him so much.

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