Friday, October 16, 2009

After surgery 3 - Removal of Medpor

Here is the first pictures of Robbies ear without the medpor. We were to take off the bandages Thursday night but they came off when I pulled his shirt over his head Thursday morning. To my surprise it didnt look like what I was expecting. To be honest though I havent a clue as to what I was expecting! Dr Reinisch said we can wash it this weekend. I expect it to look much better as it heals and the redness fades.
For the next surgery all of the skin will be removed and replaced. Also a new membrane with a blood supply.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post Surgery 10/13/09

Got back to the room about 20 min ago and Robbie is doing great. He is complaining and not happy about the head wrapping but he has downed a cup of apple juice and is eating gold fish crackers and pretzels. I think thats not bad considering he just woke up in the OR less than 1 hour ago. Dr Reinisch removed the medpor, and sewed the skin together. He said things should heal pretty fast and that our thoughts of a March surgery should be fine. We went over all our questions and Dr Reinisch spent alot of time chatting with us which put our minds at ease and made us just love the guy even more. Dr Roberson looked the canal over and I am assuming eveything looked good in there. The only report back on the inside is that there is still a hole inside but it should heal up now that the medpor is out. I feel both relieved and hopeful today. Relieved that I no longer have to put bandaids over Robbies exposure and hopeful because after talking to Reinisch about the surgery to come I feel pretty sure things will end up ok.

We are going to rest Robbie most of the day but our plans are a nice dinner and a trip to Toys R Us. I am sure the toy store trip will be reminded to us at any time. We used it as bribery to get him to take the relazing meds.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Another exposure

There is another small hole above the bigger hole. I hope the skin holds for one more week and doesnt connect the two together.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanks and Update!

I want to let everyone know that has either posted on the support group or emailed me that I appreciate your kind words and positive thoughts you have pushed my way. I wont lie and try to sugar coat anything about how awful these last few months have been for Tom and I. It has been the most stressful time of our lives. We were constantly being consumed by the what ifs and the guilt of did we make the right decision. We are doing A LOT better now and with our family, friends, faith, and kids in the picture we have snapped out of it and are ready to move forward with nothing but a positive attitude.
Robbies exposure of course is bigger and I am still covering it with band aids. I did panic a bit this last weekend again but was calmed after talking to Dr Reinisch and having him reassure me that its ok, its not dangerous, and that he is going to fix our little guy very soon. I think the biggest obstacle for us is not having the doctors close and needing the reassurance that only they can give. I can not even imagine this happening to anyone out of country. But again how Robbie healed is evidently rare and the worst either doctor has seen. This of course doesn't sit well when you also factor in the odds of his condition with the microtia/atresia.
We are getting down to the wire again and are at the 1 week, 4 day mark (yes I count daily). I cant help but to think about what I will say to Robbie if he asks what happened and why is his ear gone. We have told him and are prepping him for surgery and he seems cool and collected which I am sure is because he is only 4 and doesn't dwell on things yet unless they have to do with video games.
I will post pictures this weekend so again there is more reference on the blog of exposure. I hope no one will ever have to deal with this in the future but my intent is getting this blog turned back around and into a positive posting place!!!!!